Thursday, February 21, 2008


Surprised? Johnny McCave we hardly knew ye. Well, that's not exactly true but I loved writing it. I'm guessing this is a warning shot across the bow from the banking clique. I hope Obama has a multi layered security detail and doesn't just use the secrect service. I'm saying like 8 different layers so if 1 or 2 of them get infiltrated by black ops, the entire security detail can't be corrupted. Get the biggest, baddest, smartest guys and gals you can find. Oprah get on that. It should be clear now who the banking cliques anointed "one" is. Keep your eyes wide open and watch this. If Hill's camp can't figure out how to steal this we're going to see a scene like the ending of Terminater 2. The cyborg gets dropped into molten steel but continues to thrash and struggle for survival. As the cyborg gets destoryed we see all the layers come to the surface. We're seeing the beginning of this now. Bubba is out there losing his shit on a daily basis.

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