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Elite bitchy queens scamming the government in Washington DC. What a fantastic story. The religious right gets conned by the queens. They were conned by the clergy and were ripe picking for the queens. Larry Craig was in the club and proud of it. HE WAS NOT ashamed of being GAY. I can hear the loud click of his heels as he strolls the halls of the senate trolling for his next sexual encounter. All the perks... travel, great salary, pension, best health care plan on the planet, access to the pages. Such a long list, well worth any of the casualties his voting record produces. These guys(and there are many of them people) are vicious and most likely enjoy throwing people under the bus for their own personal gain. He fills his coffers without a second thought about the destruction left behind in his wake. He's a bad, bad, nasty, naughty boy. Larry Craig didn't give a flying fuck about the family values crowd period the end. In order for these crazy assholes to get the keys to the white house front door, they had to throw red meat to the 23%ers to get them into their voting block. And throw it they did. Clearly, without the family values crowd there was no access for them. They are PREDATORS, the worse of the worst. Rat Bastards.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Wake up America, the other candidates are corporate toadies. Dennis walks the walk and his wife is HHHHHOT. Will the American public ever stop shooting their own feet off? I'm afraid the computer says no. The American people have never read nor do they care to know about the real history of this country. And our elected officials and the media have gone to great lengths to keep it that way. Unless we face the truth, I'm afraid we're up against the impossible. Simple google searches connect us to the truth... false flag operations, the military industrial complex, General Smedley Butler. Wealth and war go hand in hand. It's all about the sale of arms and raiding our treasury. Don't kid yourself, the dinos(democrats in name only) are up to their necks in this shit. The left must face their own corrupt members or there is no chance for this country's recovery. You can't clean another person's house until you clean your own. I think Dennis can help us face our demons. Anyone want to join me on a trip to hell? Anyone... Anyone... I didn't think so.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

OBAMA in Milwaukee...

4200 people felt the collective energy.

He talked about Virginia, Imus and the Iraq occupation. The crowd was wild for him. People were full of hope and love. He let them know this revolution had to come from within. He could only be the vehicle. Did I believe him? I've read about his Chicago connections, it looks like he's a shadey guy willing to get dirty for money and power. Say it ain't so but i do believe he's a high buck con. http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/353829,CST-NWS-rez23.article

Sunday, February 25, 2007

WANT A RIDE? Come on Oprah, come on Billo...let's go. Get on the bus kids.

Can you believe it. Oprah Winfrey gave Bill O"Reilly a forum (only 30,000,000 people) to talk about child abduction. I tivo O, so I didn't see it till later in the week and usually after reading the summary I wouldn't have bothered. But Billos' name was there and thought to myself, "self, didn't Billo just recently make outrageous comments about the recent recovery of Shawn Hornbeck. This clip from Keith Olbermann has it all. http://video.msn.com/v/us/msnbc.htm?f=00&g=e9da13ab-ed78-421c-b536-f3a1c45ee0e9&p=Source_Countdown&t=c1149&rf=http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3036677/&fg=

This must be the part where the predator (Billo) seduces his victim (O) and then she allows him to use her television program to peddle his bullshit. Oprah describes the art of predator seduction on her recent show. She clearly can't get away from her past or the authoritarian man.

What's worse is that Billo is trying to impart family values when he, himself, has written soft core porn, namely, "Those Who Trespass" complete with crack hos and pimps. "Hey baby, put down that pipe and get my pipe up." The hos in the book were 15 years old. Nice one, Bill.

Are we sure he is the right one to warn kids about sexual abuse? His (former) employee, Andrea Mackris, has him on tape harassing her. He settled the lawsuit out of court. I wonder what Mrs. O'Reilly would say about Bill's family values?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The "RAPE the PUBLIC if you CAN" party is infested with them. There's really nothing worse or more frightening than a pack of bitchy, vindictive closet queens backed into a corner. Well....almost nothing. We'll have to pull out our own wmd's. Rupaul...call in your troops. Everybody knows drag queens trump bitchy closet queens every time. Lock and load Rupaul.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

HAVE YOU EVER? WOULD YOU EVER? ARE YOU PREPARED? Ready or not here it comes. Get the lube out, we're all about to take it up the ass . BDSM anyone? The United States congress has sold our country on the cheap into slavery for personal gain. Our masters are now the corporations. Corporate state equals fascism. If you are on the right side of fascism it can be quite comfortable and pleasant. If not, you'll be a victim. If you know it's coming it will be a easier to take. Relax, bend over and get yourself ready for rear entry. I hope for comforts sake it's not your first time.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hillary Says "ALL IN"

The two questions are "Will the dealer push all the chips to Hillary's side of the table after the big move?" and "Did she have the right odds to make the "All In" play?" The calculations are in and the computer says "yes". Hang on to your chips guys or push them to the center of the table. Is it time for the boys to gamble? Do the "men" in the Democratic party have the guts? Can the "men" endure the pain? Do the "men" have the balls? The computer says "no". No guts, no glory. No pain, no gain. NO BALLS, NO BLUE CHIPS. Let's sit and enjoy the spectacle...SHUFFLE UP AND DEAL!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


This situation our country is in is blowing my mind. Really unbelievable. Corruption has rotted the core of our so called "democracy". Trying to clean this mess up is going to be like digging in sand, almost impossible. There are so many road blocks built into the system to prevent the average Jill from uncovering the truth about our political servants. When we finally uncover all the shit that has been buried in this sand pit we must reveal it. We must stamp this information on a concrete foundation which is built on solid ground for future generations. Everybody knows you can't build a house on sand and expect it to last.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I've collected a ton of beach glass over the years doing one of my favorite things. That's right, you guessed it...walking the beach. Recently I had one of my photos enlarged and put on canvas using the gallery wrap style. It looks fabulous. I have glass dating back to the early 1800's (you can tell by the color). It makes beautiful jewelry. I've considered handing out this Lake Michigan beach glass to be used along with collective prayer to heal the water of Lake Michigan. What better energy connection could you have to the water than glass that's been rolling in it for hundreds of years. I believe in the power of collective energy.