Saturday, September 01, 2007


Elite bitchy queens scamming the government in Washington DC. What a fantastic story. The religious right gets conned by the queens. They were conned by the clergy and were ripe picking for the queens. Larry Craig was in the club and proud of it. HE WAS NOT ashamed of being GAY. I can hear the loud click of his heels as he strolls the halls of the senate trolling for his next sexual encounter. All the perks... travel, great salary, pension, best health care plan on the planet, access to the pages. Such a long list, well worth any of the casualties his voting record produces. These guys(and there are many of them people) are vicious and most likely enjoy throwing people under the bus for their own personal gain. He fills his coffers without a second thought about the destruction left behind in his wake. He's a bad, bad, nasty, naughty boy. Larry Craig didn't give a flying fuck about the family values crowd period the end. In order for these crazy assholes to get the keys to the white house front door, they had to throw red meat to the 23%ers to get them into their voting block. And throw it they did. Clearly, without the family values crowd there was no access for them. They are PREDATORS, the worse of the worst. Rat Bastards.